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This page features your positions on issues relevant to your community. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and site visitors can click through to see additional information. You can edit this text by going to the "Pages" section in the control panel and clicking the "Edit" link next to "Issues".

Term Limits

Harry S. Truman was known to say, "Term limits would cure both senility and seniority - both terrible legislative diseases." An elected office should not be a lifetime commitment. I believe in term limits because elected officials lose their effectiveness and forget their mission when they serve too long. If elected, I would not serve more than two terms.

Campaign Contributions

"A fool and his money are soon elected." Will Rogers.

If local citizens want to donate to their local elected official, that is fine. What is not right is when a large cooperation donates to your local politician. What is the intent of that contribution? And how is that contribution going to help constituents in that elected official's district? If elected, I will not take contributions from any person or organization outside of my district.

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Our current educational system is failing our students. As of 2020, the National Education Association ranked North Carolina 39th out of 50. Additionally, teachers in North Carolina only received a 0.4% increase in pay through 2020. Also, teachers should not have to pay out of pocket for basic supplies for their classrooms -- they should have a yearly budget for their classrooms. I believe that if we are going to continue to be a state and county that people want to live in, it is important that we attract the best teachers with better pay. Additionally, we need to focus on what matters in the education of our students. Teach our students how to read and prepare them to meet the demands of the 21st century with math, science and the true history of our country. (Read More)

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

As a retired law enforcement officer, I don't believe in "defunding the police". Defunding the police not only hurts the community as a whole, but it also hurts the people of disadvantaged communities -- the same communities that I served all of my career. Defunding the police affects response times and the quality of police services. Instead of defunding the police, there needs to be funding to train the police to respond to calls with various tactics. Being a law enforcement officer is an honorable profession, and we need to have better pay and benefits to retain officers. (Read More)

Land Use

I am in favor of development in Johnston County. However, current development in Johnston County is irresponsible. There is no consideration regarding infrastructure, water supplies, preservation of farmland, or the impact on school population. If elected, I would propose legislation that would promote responsible commercial and residential development. (Read More)


I believe in "all of the above" energy policy. North Carolina should be drilling for oil in an environmentally friendly way, as well as looking for other energy technologies such as nuclear, wind, natural gas, and electric. But most of all, technological advances in energy solutions should come from companies, and not subsidized by the government. (Read More)

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